My Duplicate File Finder: Find and Delete Duplicates Fast!
November 29, 2022

Find and Delete
Duplicate Files!

Meet My Duplicate File Finder

ConsumerSoft is proud to announce My Duplicate File Finder – the ultimate duplicate file finder. Whether you want to save disk space by deleting dups or need to find extra copies of songs, My Duplicate File Finder can help. My Duplicate File Finder combines ultra fast file scanning, advanced features and options, and an easy-to-use interface. If you have duplicate files you need to delete, move, or rename, try My Duplicate File Finder today. The program includes four dupe finding modes, music and video metadata filters, and many other advanced options. Download My Duplicate File Finder today and see how many duplicates you have!

My Duplicate File Finder Features:

  • Ultra Fast Duplicate Finding Engine
  • Four Modes: Basic, Music, Images, and Custom
  • Compares Music & Video Metadata
  • Tools to Delete, Rename, or Move Dups
  • Search for Specific File Types
  • Search for Specific File Sizes
  • Wildcard and Pattern File Name Matching
  • Duplicate File Binary Matching
  • Free Trial with 30 Free Actions
  • Easy-To-Use, Sleek Interface

Try it out for FREE...

We're sure you'll love My Duplicate File Finder, so download today and try it out. Our free trial includes 30 actions letting you delete, rename, or move duplicate files. Download today and get in control of your duplicates!

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